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About the group

Zap group is proud to be the largest group of consumer websites in Israel. The group manages dozens of leading consumer websites of varied content worlds. The group's websites offers visitors a convenient searching experience, with various advanced tools that enable consumers to take wise decisions. Zap Group provides a broad and rich platform for owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Israel that assists them with growing and getting bigger.

Tens of thousands of businesses enjoy our advanced digital marketing and publicity solutions: The establishment of a digital presence for the business is adapted to all devices, publicity promotion at the group's websites, web publicity for well-defined target populations on leading search engines and social medias, while using the group's Big Data resources, and combining features that enable the business to receive quality applications from relevant website visitors, and more.

Fingers move from the pages to mobile devices

Zap Group is one of the oldest and well-established companies in the Israeli economy. Our story begins in 1968. Back then, we were still being called "Golden Pages". Already from the beginning, our goal was to introduce small and medium-sized businesses to a rich world of publicity and information possibilities, which over the course of the years, and in light of the great technological progress, has developed into novel publicity platforms in the Internet and Mobile worlds.

Beginning in the 2000's, the company has acquired a variety of content websites, guides and portals of varied fields, and turned into the "Golden Pages" group. In the end of the year 2011, the Company rebranded itself, and turned into the "Zap Group", while experiencing a strategic shift, whose purpose is to empower the Israeli consumer in various areas, and make the information accessible by the varied digital means. Also, while providing a wide and varied basket of marketing and publicity solutions adapted to small and medium-sized businesses in Israel, in various business segments.

As part of the company's renewal process, we combined our 45-year experience with a novel approach and advanced capabilities, and turned from a phone number index into Israel's leading digital commercial content platform. Thanks to our website visitors, we can make good and well-established decisions. We provide the tools and professional knowledge that enable optimal consumer decisions and their easy and fast implementation. The group operates more than 20 content platforms, and gets more than 15 million visitors each month.