Zap in the community

One of the company's values is the value of responsibility. For us at Zap Group, it is important that big words will be implemented in the field, wherever we can. We work continuously with many friendly societies that promote various matters, and work together to improve society. We ascribe the utmost importance to involvement and direct relationship, in addition to supporting and promoting such activities. Therefore, our employees continuously integrate into a variety of social projects.

Among the friendly societies with whom we cooperate: AKIM, Ezra La Marpe, Knafaim shel Crembo, the Shemesh fund for the encouragement of young entrepreneurs, and more


The friendly society "Yeladim Besikui - the Council for Sheltered Children"

"Yeladim Besikui" is involved mainly in areas which are not budgeted by the ministries of welfare, education, and health, in coordination with and the accompaniment of the Service for Children and Youth at the Ministry of Welfare. The main purpose of the friendly society is to provide each child with an equal opportunity, similarly to children living with their families, so that he/she can turn into an independent adult who contributes to society. The council's unique activity is manifested in two aspects: Lobbying to protect the rights of children, raising money and maintain education, rehabilitation, and therapeutic projects.

Igul Letova Friendly Society

The Igul Letova Friendly Society was established in 2008 by Orni Petrushka, Yaakov Burke and Yehoshua Agassi, with the goal of enabling the wide public to transfer micro-donations to the relevant bodies they prefer (The friendly societies are classified according to 10 types of activity). By means of a standing order it is possible to round off every credit card transaction or the monthly pay slip, and donate the difference to the donator's preferred cause or friendly society. The donated money is fully transferred to the donator's chosen friendly societies.

Beit Hagalgalim

Beit Hagalgalim is a home for disabled adolescents and adults who suffer from muscular atrophy, cerebral palsy, and other serious illnesses. The society aims to integrate people with special needs as full members of society. Beit Hagalgalim has five branches dispersed across Israel and is considered a leader in leisure, voluntary activities and legislative initiatives for the Disabled.

The society for the promotion of education, welfare, and health in Yaffo

The society for the promotion of education, welfare, and health in Yaffo works to assist children and youth from backgrounds of severe distress, to aspire, dream, and realize their full potentials. The society operates enrichment projects and programs in Tel -Aviv-Yaffo, Rishon Lezion, Bat Yam, and Beit Shemesh.


AKIM - The national association for the promotion of people suffering from mental deficiency in Israel.

AKIM Israel is a parents' organization with 60 branches dispersed across Israel. The society represents approximately 30,000 people suffering from mental deficiency and their families. AKIM exerts significant influence in matters of legislation, and advocates for people suffering from mental deficiencies. All this is done out of the belief that every person has the right to achieve his/her full potential and have an opportunity to live full lives, as far as dwelling, employment, and leisure are concerned.


The ELEM friendly society for youth in risk and distress

The ELEM society assists dozens of adolescents in different situations of risk each year. The society's activities are widely dispersed across Israel, with presence in 30 cities and localities, and provide response to distress situations that reflect the reality of adolescents' lives in Israel.