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Visiting the Zap Price Comparisons website has become imperative in the shopping trajectory of every wise consumer. We launched the website in the year 2000, in order to fulfil consumers' need for a simple tool to perform comparisons and consultations and receive all the information needed in order to purchase wisely and safely.

Zap Price Comparisons has reinvented shopping culture on the Internet. It's one of the most popular websites on the Israeli Internet, and it receives approximately 2 million unique monthly visitors.

At our website, you will find information from more than 1,500 different e-commerce websites, in a variety of areas: Electrical and electronic products, computers, equipment and furniture for homes, offices and gardens, baby and children products, health and beauty products, tourism, gifts, clothes, shoes, books, and more.

The Zap Price Comparisons app

Comparison of more than 1 million products
Comparison of more than
1 million products

1,700 shops across Israel
1,600 shops
across Israel
170,000 reviews on the website
170,000 reviews
on the website

650 categories
650 categories
Zap Price Comparisons app
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