When grandma said: "Health is the most important thing", she was not wrong. When people talk about health on the web, they mean Zap Doctors - The leading health portal in Israel, where more than 6 million unique visitors arrive each year.

On Zap Doctors you will find 4 main parts:
  • Contents - including thousands of articles, diverse content channels and cooperation with health entities
  • Forums where specialists answer visitors' various questions
  • Rich indexes of doctors, medications, pharmacies and more
  • Necessary and innovative tools and calculators that help visitors read about and understand medical terms

The largest and leading website in Israel
The largest and leading website in Israel
More than 750 forums
More than 750 forums managed by specialist doctors
Medical information, articles, dictionaries in all healthcare areas
Intelligent web tools
Intelligent web tools for the broad public, which assist with making educated decisions in medical subjects